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How Do You Treat Those Around You?


Have you ever noticed how sometimes we treat those closest to us worse than we treat complete strangers?

This isn’t right. We should treat those closest to us better than anyone else. We consider them our loved ones, our family or our friends.

Some people don’t like their work or something else that has happened to them, so they take it out on their children, spouse or some other family member. They just unload on them even though they don’t deserve it and they have nothing to do with what happened to you.

They may think this family member has to take it. Or, they may not even realize what they’re doing. We all know this isn’t right. We are spreading our pain off on innocent people when we do this.

Live your private life as if the entire world can see what you are doing behind closed doors.

Treat everyone right, especially those that are closest to you. There is an incredible good feeling, and an actual physical change that happens to you inside, when you practice this.

If you have something that’s eating at you, don’t take it out on those kids or someone else who loves you and wants the best for you, seek a good friend or some professional help.

Try it. You’ll be glad you did.


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