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Doing This One Thing Will Solve All Of Your Money Problems…

Aside from wiping out an entire generation of wealth in just a couple of years, the economy since 2008 has uncovered a rather disturbing reality: Most of have been building our financial houses on very shaky and unstable ground.

We were told that if you go to college and get a good education, you can get a good job, buy a big house and a fancy car, and grow a fat bank account, and that would make you financially secure.

However, not only is this NOT happening for an entire generation of recent college graduates, but many of us with good jobs and who have been working for years are watching helplessly as our financial houses of cards come crashing down in the face of sudden job losses, unexpected financial emergencies, and the prospect of having to survive for decades after retirement on a drastically reduced income.


Look at these shocking statistics, and you’ll see what I mean. Even though the average U.S. household brings in about $52,000 per year (which is virtually a fortune compared to many other countries),

  • 76% of Americans have no savings and could only last about 90 days without a job.
  • The average U.S. household has about $20,000 in consumer credit debt.
  • The average U.S. worker now retires with about $38,000 of savings.
  • Most retirees lose between 45% and 65% of their pre-retirement income, and have to keep working until they die or keep getting government or family assistance to survive.

It’s ironic – there are college graduates who can’t even get a job at Wal-Mart because people who should be retired must work for minimum wage until they drop dead.

My friend, that’s called “a clue”. We have been bamboozled. Hard work plus saving money IS NOT the formula for financial security. It never was. In fact, it’s clear that most of what we have been lead to believe about money and how it works is a lie.

But that’s not the worse part.  The worse part is what’s coming…


In case you hadn’t noticed, our economy is undergoing a fundamental shift.  We are moving from a salary-based economy where employees are paid for their time,  to a performance-based economy where independent contractors are paid for their results.

When the shift is complete — and it is well underway — the only ones who will be able to survive are entrepreneurs with:

  • Several mastered skills
  • Specialized knowledge and information
  • Access to valuable, competitively-priced products and services
  • Systems in place with global reach to market, promote, sell, and deliver them
  • Solid relationships with a large following of loyal customers.

In view of this, there is nothing more critical for you to be doing with your time, money and resources RIGHT NOW, then becoming a business-minded and financially-savvy entrepreneur.  Your financial future, and in fact, your SURVIVAL depends on it. Ignorance is a luxury you no longer have.

In fact, if you want to stop struggling now avoid the inevitable financial fate of the majority, then there is  one thing in particular that you should be focusing on, while you still have some time and a fairly steady income.


In order to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, be prepared to handle any financial emergency, virtually guarantee that you’ll never run out of money, and put yourself in a position of relative financial security as the economy changes, you must do the one thing that the majority of people are overlooking, and it’s this:

Become financially independent.

Being “financially independent” doesn’t mean being rich. You are financially independent when you have one or more sources of passive income that continue paying you month after month, year after year…even if you stop working.

Imagine if your current income kept replenishing itself and coming in whether you went to work or not. Would you ever have to worry about losing your job? or surviving after retirement? What could you do with your time? How secure would you feel about your financial future?


We’ll talk in more detail about how to do this in future articles, but the good news is that it’s not very difficult to learn how to become financially independent today. All it takes is an understanding of some fundamentals about how money works, and awareness of what’s available to make those fundamentals work for you.

In fact, believe it or not, the Federal government, state governments, and even the IRS (!) have provisions in place for the sole purpose of enabling you to become financially independent as quickly as possible (seriously…I’m not kidding). Many of these provisions are “hidden in plain sight”, so most people don’t know they’re available. But they won’t be hidden for long, because I’m going to give you the “inside scoop”.

For example, in a future article, I’m going to reveal four IRS “loopholes” that will allow money you put in a special account to earn interest without you EVER owing taxes on any of the gains – even once you start taking out money to use!

I’m also going to show you a way to how to use current tax laws to put $3,000 to $5,000 in tax deductions back into your household budget — INSTANTLY! Look for it soon; trust me, it will blow your mind.

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