You WON’T SURVIVE If You Aren’t An Entrepreneur. Here’s Why…

In case you hadn’t noticed, our economy is undergoing a fundamental, dramatic, and PERMANENT shift. This shift WILL affect you…if it hasn’t already…

Technology has made having more people less necessary for companies. So paying employees an hourly or yearly salary is no longer profitable…or desirable.

This is why you are seeing so many companies either laying people off or moving overseas where they can pay lower wages.

Today there are more people looking for jobs than there are actual jobs. But those who find one are having to do more work for less money.

Now, here’s the bad news if you plan on remaining an employee:

  1. We are moving from a salary-based economy, where employees are paid for their time, to a performance-based economy where contractors will be paid primarily for their results.
  2. You are now in competition with millions of people who are willing to do your job…for less money. Soon, you will either have to work for a lower salary or be replaced.
  3. If you only have one skill and one source of income — your job — you have no financial security, and your financial future is at serious risk.

As this economic shift continues, eventually you will only have two choices:

  1. Be a highly-educated virtual slave, or
  2. Become an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is no longer a luxury, it’s a NECESSITY if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life financially dependent on other people for survival.

Now here’s the GOOD news:

Although there are less JOBS, there’s a higher demand for information, goods, and services.  And the same technology that big companies are taking advantage of – like the internet – is available to YOU.

If you position yourself to be in the right industries and develop the necessary knowledge and skills, and put in place the right systems so that you can satisfy enough of that demand to be profitable for YOUR business, then you can make WAY more money in WAY less time and with WAY less formal education than you ever could just working a job and depending on someone else.

While you still have a steady income, NOW is the time to become an entrepreneur, start your own business, and develop the skills you need to be successful.  Your survival depends on it.

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