How to Improve the Page Speed of Your Blog

Is your blog slow to load? Wondering if your site’s speed is affecting search traffic? In this article, you’ll discover how to assess and improve the page speed and mobile-friendliness of your site. How to Improve the Page Speed of Your Blog by Aleh Barysevich on Social Media Examiner.   Why Page Speed Matters to Social Media Marketers and Bloggers One of the biggest takeaways from the 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is that social media marketers and bloggers primarily use social media to increase traffic (78%), generate leads (64%), and improve sales (53%). Social media audiences are used to fast experiences and immediate results. If your blog or …

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Free Traffic: How to Get Your Blog Ranked on Google


written by: Rickey Smith Jr Free Traffic And Blogging has become a trend in recent years for a good reason. Successful blogs allow their proprietors to be able to work from anywhere with a flexible schedule. However, not every blog is destined to succeed. One way to ensure that your blog will advance is to optimize your blog to show up in search engines. This will allow you to gain free blog traffic and create a larger following.   In order to optimize your blog, you’ll need to know how search engines work. Using keywords is the simplest way to improve your ranking on Google. Imagine that you are the …

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Why An Online Business Like Easy Cash Code and Easy 1Up Is A Great Investment This 2017


With the Internet becoming a more integral part of our lives, a lot of online business are now a major contributor to many American’s income.   With computers, tablets and smartphones now able to connect to the Internet, building your own online business is easier than ever before. Check out some reasons why you should have your own online business and a few tips you can follow to make your online business a success:   Benefits   1. Less negative effects to the environment   Since you will not have an office, your online business will have less contribution to the world’s carbon footprint and will have less paper wastes. …

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Benefits Of Branding Yourself With Custom Sales And Capture Pages


written by: Rickey Smith Jr Benefits of Branding Using Custom sales and Capture pages are specially designed to provide visitors with all the relevant information they need. Your lead capture page is the first page visitors see when they enter your page. Therefore, it’s particularly essential to ensure that it motivates them and tells them about your business in order to improve conversion rates. Why should you brand yourself with custom sales and capture pages? A lead capture page offers visitors a better experience mainly because it provides them with information right away. In turn, the lead capture page helps improve conversion pages because it leads users directly to what they are …

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Lead Generation Helps Gain Ground

Lead Generation

written by: Rickey Smith Jr   Facebook and Instagram Can Grow Your Business With Lead Generation   Lead acquisitions can help your business in a number of ways. Not only can it attract new customers, it can also help you to better understand what your customers want and how to better provide that for them. Keep reading to learn some key lead generation tips that will help your business succeed like never before.   Facebook Tips Facebook offers a wide variety of options on how to go about acquiring new lead generations. With the use of groups, pages, or paid advertisements, you can reach a wide range of people in …

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