Brian Gosur
Brian and Lori Gosur

Ten Things To Give Up

Not everything that we see and like are good for us. We indulge in so much stuff that we should really stay away from. Well I want to give you ten things that you should absolutely stay as far away from these things as is possible. Watch the video above, and I think if you apply even a couple of these items to your “DO NOT TOUCH” list, you will lead a much happy life.   Enjoyed today’s post? Than please ‘like & share’ this page so someone else can benefit from it! Join Me on My Facebook Page –   To Work With Me Go To – …

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How Do You Treat Those Around You?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes we treat those closest to us worse than we treat complete strangers? This isn’t right. We should treat those closest to us better than anyone else. We consider them our loved ones, our family or our friends. Some people don’t like their work or something else that has happened to them, so they take it out on their children, spouse or some other family member. They just unload on them even though they don’t deserve it and they have nothing to do with what happened to you. They may think this family member has to take it. Or, they may not even realize what …

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